Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Aaron Hernandez Case

Let me start things off by saying that in America everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So far all we have to go on is alleged events and what the police are charging Hernandez with. With that said assuming what investigators are saying is true, Mr. Hernandez is in very deep trouble and this is one of the more shocking and tragic events to happen in the sports world for quite some time.

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Allegedly Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd were friends and were at Club Rumor a couple weeks ago. Lloyd supposedly was socializing with some people who Hernandez had beef with. Weeks later Hernandez was recorded on his own security system leaving his house with a gun in hand. Hernandez texted Lloyd and two other friends to meet up. Hernandez and his friends as well as Lloyd drove around in a rental vehicle discussing the events that occurred at the club. Lloyd supposedly began to feel uncomfortable with the conversation and texted his girlfriend, the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend. He said "Did you see who I was with?" "NFL". Allegedly Hernandez shot Lloyd three times and then stood over his body and shot him in the chest two more times. Later Hernandez was seen returning home on his security system with a gun in hand, heading down to his basement, and then the footage cut off for the next 8 hours or so. Lloyd's body was found not far from Hernandez's home. Hernandez then smashed his own security system and cell phone before turning them over to police. He also hired a "cleaning crew" to clean his home before investigators could search his home. Today he was formally charged with first degree murder and five other weapon related charges. If convicted Hernandez could face up to life in prison.

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 No bail was set for Hernandez. Once again as I said earlier nothing is set in stone in this case and it is not known if Hernandez pulled the trigger, was there during the killing, knew of the killing, or anything else. Earlier today after he was arrested the Patriots released Hernandez. It was a dark day in the NFL today for even having one of their own remotely associated with something like this let alone charged with murder. This type of event centered around an NFL player is uncommon and centered around a very promising young player is even more uncommon. It seems more and more common that young players find themselves caught in some form of legal trouble but being tied to a murder is very uncommon. However, I'm sure many of you recall in 2000 Ray Lewis was infamously arrested and charged with murder stemming from stabbings during a bar brawl following an Atlanta Super Bowl party.

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Lewis had his murder charge dismissed for agreeing to testifying against his two friends who committed the stabbings. Hernandez will now spend his days in jail awaiting a trial.

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